TakeStockIreland – Ireland's leading Retail Stocktake Provider


We have invested in our own custom designed scanning system “ScanDo” which allows us to work with data from any P.O.S. system. We already work with clients using CBE, Sam Leader, and Retail Integration installations. This provides us with a powerful management tool, and allows us to control the capture and verification of all stock observations in your business.

This system allows us to ensure that every location is included, that nothing is duplicated, and that rechecks are done on each clerk’s performance. These protocols guarantee the integrity of the data collection process.

We produce reports showing the actual count observations that have been made, before summary result reports are produced. This facilitates transparency, as the client can see and test any particular part of the count before the result is finalised.

We have the flexibility to provide client-specific, detailed analyses and reporting of valuation results in order to help each client better manage their individual departmental or category margins.

We provide reports of no data or zero cost items found during the stocktake, which greatly assists our clients in improving the accuracy and integrity of their own datasets.