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Musgrave Gold

For our Musgrave clients, TakeStock has invested in, and is fully licensed to operate the Musgrave GOLD stocktaking system, using MC1000 scanning devices.

We can perform stocktakes at our client locations using our own handheld devices. As these are compatible with each clients in-house PC system, we can download into and print results from each clients own system.

In this case, all the results stay resident in the clients own system, thereby remaining available electronically after the stocktake. We also produce hard copy results on the day.

We support this process with all of our usual location and clerk-management protocols, to ensure that every location is included in the stocktake, that no location is duplicated, and that tests have been carried out on the work of each clerk.

Using these protocols, our clients are assured of a fair, complete and accurate stocktake, and any auditor present will have a transparent method to satisfy themselves that the stocktake results are correct.